I’ve always liked Will Smith. He doesn’t seem as crazy as everyone else in Tinseltown. According to Newsmax:

The No. 1 actor in Hollywood Will Smith knows about the antipathy many in Tinseltown have toward folks with more traditional religious views.

Smith recently talked with Newsweek about those who are nervous Nellies when it comes to faith, saying, “When people are afraid of religion they have to go back and get in touch with the Good Book.”

“Fear of other religions means you’re questioning your own understanding, and that’s just not where I am,” Smith added.

Because of his friendship with fellow actor Tom Cruise, Smith was asked about rumors of his possible conversion to Scientology.

“I love the nature of humanity’s search for meaning. For me, I’m certain about my relationship with the model of perfection of human life that’s laid out with the life of Jesus Christ,” Smith explained.

“I was in India recently, and my hotel was near the Taj Mahal. Five times a day there would be a call for prayer, and it was the most beautiful thing,” the “Seven Pounds” star recounted.

Smith found a way to relate his experience abroad to his own Baptist upbringing. “I was lying in my bed thinking, no matter what your religion is, it would be great to have that reminder five times a day to remember your Lord and savior,” he said.

Smith is “at home and not fearful” when at a mosque, synagogue, temple or the Church of Scientology, explaining that he likes “anywhere people are searching for the truth.”

“I respect their path and I’m intrigued by their path,” he shared.