Luxembourg just pushed a euthanasia bill over the protestations of their Catholic monarch, who paid the price for his opposition. According to Fox News, the very liberal parliament voted to pass a euthanasia bill.

But the bill couldn’t become a law until one little formality was taken care of. The Monarch had to sign it. Typically, this is a formality. But the euthanasia bill posed a moral problem for the Grand Duke Henri. You see, he’s a Catholic. Not like a Joe Biden one. A real one. So he simply refused to sign the bill even though he knew his refusal would cause a constitutional crisis. His steadfast refusal to sign the bill eventually forced lawmakers to trim his power. They voted 56-0 to take his power away.

It’s interesting and refreshing to hear of anyone standing by their faith in the public sphere – even if they lost. Good for the monarch. Bad for Luxembourg. I wish America had more men and women willing to live their faith publicly.

I think in the state of Western civilization right now, people who attempt to live their faith publicly will be opposed, persecuted, mocked, accused of pretty much any accusation their enemies can dream of. We can call it the Luxembourg plan or the Sarah Palin strategy.