Watch if You Have a Daughter
—Our spiraling culture targets young girls.

Fr. Barron on Eckhart Tolle and Oprah
—Continuing Video Series

Top Ten Christian Bashing Incidents of ’08
—Christian bashing is all the rage.

Move It Or Lose It
—What percent of the Bishops want to move the sign of peace?

The Pill’s Environmental Damage
—I’m turning into Richard Simmons. Help!

Obama Has to Get Tough…With Israel?
—Newsweek says violence in Gaza is Israel’s fault. Oh yeah, and Bush too.

Pat Robertson’s Improper Predictions
—Televangelist and God are apparently not on speaking terms.

Creative Minority Reader

Help Needed: Christ Rose “Again”?
—A question for the CMR geek squad.

Nobody Likes Bland Benedict
—UK Times says nobody’s coming to see the Pope because he’s just an old grumpy meany pants.

WaPo: Iraq War Is Over! Just in Time
—From quagmire to victory just in time for Obama.