The Pew Forum has some very interesting statistics about the religious makeup of the 111th Congress. Catholics members make up 30.1% of the House of Representatives and 26.3% of the Senate.

Since 1960 no other denomination has grown in percentage of membership than Catholics increasing by 11.3% from 18.8% to 30.1%. The mainline protestant denominations, like their overall adherents, experienced the most attrition. The Methodists have 7.5% less, the Presbyterians 5.6%, and the Anglicans -5.3%. All protestant denominations lost a total of 19.4%

While other religions have gained some additional representation [Jewish, Mormon, and Muslim],no other denomination has as much representation as Catholics. Overall, the combined protestant denominations still make up 54% of the Congress.

Imagine just for a moment the impact that 30% of the membership of congress could have if they stood up for life the way the Church encourages them too. Never before has the Congress been so Catholic, and yet not Catholic at all.

Catholics cannot claim that we were powerless when faced with the horror of millions of little lives snuffed each year. We were there. We did nothing. History should not treat us kindly.