Prayer Offer Gets Nurse Punished
—Further evidence of the UK’s slow motion suicide.

Do They Not Watch Movies?
—Madf scientists clone, fail, but are undeterred.

Obama and the Scorpion
—It just hit me that Obama believes what he’s been saying. Oh Nooooo!

Salon: Pope is Sick and Evil
—Online magazine attacks Pope.

Child Taken From Grandparents for Gay Adoption
—This is the most outrageous story you’ll read today.

Pelosi Prevaricates … And The Some
—Speaker defends millions for STD’s … sorta.

Creative Minority Reader

Traditional Anglicans To Get Personal Prelature?
—Breaking News! Report that the Traditional Anglican Communion will be granted a personal prelature!

Accept Gay Marriage or Die!
—Gay advocates wish to condemn millions of Africans to death in the name of compassion.