A visiting nurse in the UK was visiting a patient. She politely asked the patient if she would like her to pray for her. The patient responded “No thank you,’ and that was the end of the matter. The next day the patients sister found out about the prayer offer and complained. The patient herself says she was not offended but her sister feared others may be and complained to the nursing service. The nurse, Caroline Petrie, was then suspended pending an investigation for ” failing to show a commitment to equality and diversity.”

Petrie now fears for her job because she offered to pray for someone. This is so patently absurd it is hard to fathom. The real killer is that the patient was not even offended but her sister worried other might be.

So she has been preemptively suspended lest someone else worry that someone else be offended.

All this while sharia law takes hold on other parts of the UK. You simply cannot make this stuff up. Add this to the growing evidence of the suicide of the west.