Video: Planned Parenthood Breaks Law Again
—Lila Rose’s undercover investigations are becoming legendary. A must-see.

Nominated Archbishop Didn’t Pay Tithe
—Pope’s nominee for New York Archbishop didn’t pay back tithes. Could derail nomination.

Apologetics With A Big Hammer
—Being nice is overrated.

Now, This is Hilarious
—I am not now nor have I ever been an exotic dancer.

Theologian: Pope Should Resign
—Shock: Church is now accepting sinners!

Obama’s a Jerk
—The jerk calls Jessica Simpson fat and the beta male media giggles.

Cain and Abel – Ramis Style
—Harold Ramis makes me laugh.

Creative Minority Reader

Prayer Offer Gets Nurse Punished
—Further evidence of the UK’s slow motion suicide.

Do They Not Watch Movies?
—Madf scientists clone, fail, but are undeterred.

Obama and the Scorpion
—It just hit me that Obama believes what he’s been saying. Oh Nooooo!