Baby Born in Abortion Clinic, Tossed in Trash

Your Anti-Catholic Tax Dollars At Work
—Offensive Anti-Catholic video is paid by you.

Exorcising the Ghost of God
—Atheists say mankind created God to survive, so isn’t atheism not only anti-God but anti-man?

Most Unintentionally Funny Video Ever
—The global warming movement has officially jumped the shark. Hee-hee. I’m really starting to enjoy this.

Pelosi More Pro-Life than Donohue?
—Newsweek/Washington Post blog is becoming the best source of comedy in the blogosphere.

Recant! Or Else!
—Vatican orders Williamson to recant. Thanks to Fellay, too little too late.

Creative Minority Reader

Wh. House Has Worst Case of Hiccups Evah!
—White House in desperate need of a glass of water.

Sarah Palin is Evil Because…
—Ya’ think Hollywood doesn’t like Sarah? You betcha!

Please Pray: Michael Dubruiel R.I.P.
—Please pray for Amy Welborn and her family.