OK. Here’s a major major spoiler for the new movie “Angels and Demons.” Ready? IT’S ANTI-CATHOLIC!

Yeah. Yeah. I know that Ron Howard said Angels and Demons is not anti-Catholic. But we all know it is. So now, because he’s angered me by lying, I’m going to ruin the movie for everyone. Yeah. That’s how I roll.

Debbie Schlussel writes:

For the first two hours and five minutes of the two-hour, twenty-minute “Angels & Demons,” I thought, “WOW, this is a great movie, and very pro=Catholic, too.” But, then, when the heroic Irish Catholic priest who is the adopted son and personal assistant to the Pope suddenly becomes not the young moral superman and hero we thought, but instead a crazed murdering, torturing monster, the movie lost me. The movie lost me, especially because the reason the padre did this was because he was against science. Pure propaganda.

Even though I’m no Catholic–I’m a Jew–I am pro-life and against stem cell research, just like the Vatican. Does this mean I am “against science”? Does this mean that my religious leaders would set of a chain reaction of torturous murders of top clerics and try to blow up an entire major city . . . all just to fight science? Are those of us who are conservative on social issues and don’t want the “brave new world” scenario–are we all monsters?

Now remember that Ron Howard, in an effort not to offend Muslims, changed the identity of an assasin from a Middle Eastern Muslim to a Dane. But thankfully the really really bad guy of the piece is an anti-science priest.

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