When is science not science? Well not when it’s from someone who believes babies in the womb aren’t just blobs of tissue.

A biology program originally approved in the Australian state of New South Wales to teach public schoolchildren about the “Wonder of Life” before birth has been banned because of its creator’s connections to pro-life groups.

In March, the New South Wales Department of Education and Training had approved The Wonder of Life (Before Birth) program to be taught in fifth and sixth year classrooms as part of the personal development, health and physical education curriculum. The program, which uses life-sized dolls of the fetal development of a baby, was created by Bruce Coleman, a former executive director of the pro-life group NSW Right to Life.

And everything was fine until a newspaper outed Coleman as a…gasp…a pro-lifer!

So the state education department didn’t just look into the lesson plan. Nope. They banned the group outright from visiting schools. That makes sense, right?

Wouldn’t you think that someone who has studied the science of babies in the womb would have an opinion on it? So what they’re saying is that if you study what’s in the womb and decide that it’s a baby then you are unfit to teach children. So I guess the only way they’d accept science about babies is from someone who doesn’t think they’re babies.

HT Pewsitter