So some guy donates $10,000 to one of those atheist bus campaign to push “atheist pride” (whatever that is) as a way to push atheists to “come out.”

Funny part? It was an anonymous donor, according to The Examiner.

Hey, don’t laugh. Coming out atheist is hard to do. Just ask Jacqueline Lavache, the Atheism writer for The Examiner. Her horror stories about “coming out” as an atheist is just so awful it makes me tear up and hide my head under a pillow for shame just for being a Christian.

Please sit down before reading and try not to scream out loud in empathy, especially if you’re at work. It starts off brilliantly and without cliche:

When I first went down the road of atheism, it was a struggle. In the Catholic religion with which I was raised, there is a sacrament of Confirmation that happens around the age of 14. The basic purpose is to confirm the religion that was placed on you without your consent through Baptism. In my personal experience, I had come to the conclusion that I did not accept the doctrine of the Catholic Church and so I did not want to confirm myself in a religion with which I had serious doubts. This caused many arguments within my family, claiming I should “just do it” or I will “regret it later.” It wasn’t until the pastor of our church did a homily stating that if your kid has doubts, they shouldn’t get confirmed that my family backed off. However, I remember a conversation with my mother where I said I was agnostic and she said, “Well, at least you’re not an atheist.” A year or two later I finally came to the conclusion I was an atheist, but at that point my family was resigned to the fact.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Were you able to get through every last syllable of the trials and travails of this poor desperate atheist alone on her island of dignity fighting heroically the hordes of fundamentalism in her own family? It was one of the most brutal things I’ve ever read. Like Oliver Twist meets Saw V. How could her poor family put her through that? They actually said, “You’ll regret it later.” Aaaaaahhhhhh! Those monsters!

So a little sympathy for atheists, please. Never mind that the government doesn’t want Christians doctors to be able to refuse to perform procedures that are against their religion. Never mind that Christian pharmacists are forced to sell abortifacients. Never mind that the Catholic Church is being attacked by the state government in Connecticut. Never mind that high school football coaches are fired for pre-game prayers. Children are suspended at school for wearing religious shirts, etc…

All that stuff pales in comparison to the fact that someone once said, “You’ll regret it later” to a young atheist.