Nobody has pointed out the hypocrisy of liberals when it comes to Obamacare better than William Jacobson in writing:

“Keep your laws off my body” has been a rallying cry of liberals, and the pro-choice movement in particular, for decades. The concept is that medical procedures are so intensely personal that government, regardless of its intent, should not be involved in the decisions. Yet when it comes to the Democrats’ health care plans, liberal supporters of keeping the law off their bodies now are saying, “put your laws all over my body.”

So what happened to ideological purity or was it all just feigned?

But speaking of ideological purity I’ve written before how many Democrats are announcing their opposition to any inclusion of taxpayer funds going to abortion in the health care package. But yesterday Nancy Pelosi said she had the votes on the floor already to pass healthcare. But this seems to be contradicted by other legislator’s comments. Pundette has more on the mixed signals coming out of Washington D.C. but I have to wonder if many Dems are speaking on the public stage about not allowing the public funding of abortion while stage whispering to their colleagues that they’ll buckle when the time comes in exchange for some other goodies.

Let’s face it, they too know that the fate of Obama’s presidency may rest on the fate of this health care debacle and some of these elected officials may be grandstanding as simply legislative blackmail to the Obama administration but if the White House promises them a few pork projects and some access to big money people they’ll gladly turn their back on the unborn after some meaningless compromise is reached that will act as a fig leaf to their unconcern for the unborn.
Monique Stuart reminds us that it’ll be very easy for them to force taxpayers to fund abortion. All they have to do is not mention it:

I believe that this is being done on purpose. If language allowing taxpayer dollars to fund abortion was added to the bill, there would be outrage and opposition. The absence of the language leaves a huge whole in the bill that will lead to the use of our tax dollars to fund abortion. The only way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is for language to be added to the bill specifically prohibiting it.

So, in short, this fight can only be won if we continue fighting it. Don’t think that it might just work itself out. Contact your representatives and let them know you don’t want this.