I have given a name to my pain. And it is “Blue Dog” Democrat Bart Gordon of Tennessee for showing an appalling lack of courage. Truly, if Gordon had wanted to personify everything that’s wrong with politics he couldn’t have done any better.

Gordon yesterday turned his back on the unborn for political gain in such a blatant manner that it’s shocking even by the low low standards set in our nation’s capitol.

A House committee voted for an amendment to the health care legislation that would essentially prohibit the government from imposing requirements for abortion coverage. Rep. Bart Gordon of Tennessee who is often described as a “conservative Democrat” was the decisive vote for the amendment. Hooray.

But then a few hours later, committee chairman Henry Waxman pulled a fast one by invoking some odd House rules that allowed him to bring up the amendment for a second vote.

And a funny thing happened. Just a few hours after voting for the amendment, Gordon switched his vote to no, dooming the amendment to the trash heap and allowing abortion to be included in the health care bill, according to AP .

I’ve got to know. What was Gordon threatened with? What was he given in order for him to turn his back on the unborn?

A few months ago, Gordon didn’t vote on the controversial auto bailout. He called it a “technical glitch” which oddly didn’t affect any other legislator. Maybe this was a “conscience glitch.”

No matter what, this is the latest and greatest example of why we despise politics and politicians. Too many of them will say or do whatever it takes to further their own career. But this one should rank Gordon as nearly despicable as Mary Jo Kopechne’s killer.