Lifesite reports that Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), congratulated President Barack Obama on being honored with the Nobel Peace Prize:

“In the name of the Catholic Bishops of the United States, I would like to offer congratulations to President Barack Obama on his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. As he has graciously said, much of the work of realizing a more peaceful and just world for all persons and nations remains to be done; but the prize was given because as President of the United States he has already changed the international conversation. In our own country, the remarkable and historic achievement of his election has changed the relationships between men and women of all races.

It always pains me to hear a man of the cloth praising Obama but in this case I have to agree with him that Obama has changed the national conversation. In fact, when my wife and I talk at night we often speak about the awful and ridiculous things the White House did that day.

But it’s changed international and national conversations everywhere. Here’s how:

Pre-Obama Ahmadinejad: “I will drive Jews into the sea.”
Ahamadinejad now: “I will drive Jews into the sea and the USA won’t care.”

Pre-Obama Abortion providers: “Must….kill….babies…”
Abortion providers now: (Singing) “We’re in the money…We’re in the money.”

Pre-Obama Israeli Prime Minister: “I’m dialing George Bush and…hey George, what’s up?”
Israel’s Prime Minister now: “I’ve been on hold for three hours waiting to speak to President Obama…No. No. I don’t want to speak to the undersecretary again…Please don’t put me on hold again…darnit…What is this song? Girl from Ipanema? That Burt Bacharach is one talented guy. It’s the third time I’ve heard this song and it doesn’t get old.”

Pre-Obama Taliban: Holy Cow. This Bush guy is crazy. He’s trying to kill us all.
Taliban now: “I’m dialing Obama and…hey Barack what’s up?

Pre-Obama Sarkozy: “The President is a cowboy.”
Sarkozy now: “The President is a boy.”

Pre-Obama Putin: “Muhahahahahahah”
Putin now: “Muhahahahahahaha. Ha. Obama’s talking about nuclear disarmament again. Well he’s certainly left Poland disarmed. Muhahahahaha.”

Pre-Obama John McCain: “I would’ve made a better President than this guy.”
McCain now: “I would’ve made a better President than this guy.”

Pre-Obama Czars in the White House: “Policy? Nobody’s ever asked me anything. I thought this job was just a resume enhancer.”
Czars in the White House now: “Hey, I’m writing our new healthcare policy. What’s a good word for eugenics that doesn’t sound so ‘death panely?'”

So yeah, Obama’s changed the conversation. That’s for sure.

HT Pewsitter