The Obama administration messed up when it decided to back the aspiring Chavezian thug Zelaya in Honduras. Zelaya had attempted to illegaly change the constitution to remain in power. For this he was legally ousted from office. Everyone who spent more than five minutes looking into this topic understood that the people who ousted Zelaya, while not perfect, were certainly on the side of the angels on this one. Everyone, that is, except Obama and his State Department.

I have some very liberal friends who reflexively parrot Obama on most everything, but on this topic they shake their heads. Even they do not understand why Obama has continued to support the thug Zelaya.

So one would think that Obama would jump at the chance to endorse a political solution to this crisis through that most democratic of processes, an election. You would be wrong.

The U.S. State Department says Sunday’s presidential election in Honduras was a significant, but insufficient step, to end to political crisis that began there in June with the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya. U.S. officials are stopping short of recognizing opposition candidate Porfirio Lobo as the country’s next president.

Insufficient for whom? Instead of using this obvious exit strategy from a completely failed policy, the Obama administration doubles down on a completely misguided policy that just about everyone rejects, including Hondurans.

The closely monitored Honduran elections had record turnout and handily rejected Zelaya’s party for its role in this disaster. This was not only a rebuke to Zelaya but to Obama as well. Democracy may have spoken, but Obama is deaf.

When one considers this shameful situation, it is difficult not to come to either of two conclusions. Either Obama has little or no regard for constitutional governance and democracy or he is unwilling to ever admit that he made a mistake.

Or both.

Hondurans should be proud. Obama should be ashamed.