Lending yet even more credence to the image of the angry atheist, a group that calls themselves “Pa. Nonbelievers” won their fight against a small town in Pennsylvania. And now they’re threatening to sue. Make sense?

The little atheist club was angry about a nativity scene on government property. (Funny, you really don’t ever hear about happy atheist groups) So they harrumphed and used the strategy right out of the ACLU handbook “How to Destroy America in a Few Easy Steps” and announced they wanted to put up their own atheist display honoring atheist veterans right next to the Nativity set. (Didn’t they ever hear there are no atheists in foxholes?)

So over 100 people came out to rally in support of the nativity set. But the township did what all townships do when faced with a group of a few litigious atheists. They folded. Yup. Jesus got booted off township property over to the lawn of the Methodist church.

The township now only allows American flags on the property. (Hey, what about flags from other countries?!)

But instead of doing a touchdown dance and splurging for potato skins and Coronas at Applebees, this atheist group couldn’t find it in themselves to be happy even for a moment so they decided to sue. That’s right. They won. And they’re suing.

So to sum up:
1) Atheists were angry that Christian nativity was on government property.
2) Nativity was taken down.
3) Atheists are still angry.

WHTM reports:

Carl Silverman, capital-area director of the group Pa. Nonbelievers, says the group met Sunday and has decided to pursue legal action against the borough council. He says “doing nothing” would imply that having the nativity removed was the group’s main goal, which is not the case…

Silverman says although the nativity was removed, the group’s right to put up a display was still denied. He says he will not talk about exactly what legal action his group will be taking until all the paperwork is filed later this week.

Methinks this is a case of a few guys who got a little taste of the celebrity bug and now they’re milking it for all its worth. Next, they’ll be posing next to Levi Johnston in a Hustler spread.

But really, why not have something commemorating all veterans instead of just “atheist veterans” anyway? Why not be inclusive? And why did they have to put it up during Christmas season? All those questions are rhetorical by the way.

One thing I never did get was the need to join clubs based on what I don’t believe. I don’t believe in Bigfoot but I haven’t joined any clubs about it. These evangelizing atheists talk about God more than most Christians I know. Except they’re angrier. And very litigious.