The defining attribute of be a parent is that the welfare of your child is more important than anything else. Anything else.

When, in 2007, Melissa and Tony Wescott of Oklahoma adopted their son they became his parents. After the adoption they discovered that the boy had several mental disorders that required treatment. Of course, more than anything else, a boy with such problems needs the unconditional love of his parents.

The good news is that after a year of institutionalization the boy is doing better and the Doctors say he is no longer a danger to himself or anyone else. His parents, however, say they do not want him back and want to return him to the state like faulty merchandise. I wonder if they want a store credit or a cash refund.

The State, rightly, says no way. Parents are parents and there are no give backsies.

Parents all over the world deal every day with unexpected hardship and heartbreak due to the suffering of their children. I am sorry to say, in a world afflicted with the ravages of original sin, this is part of the deal. Even the Mother of God suffered tremendous heartache so none of us are exempted.

But the bottom line is that once you have signed on to be the parent, that’s it, you are the parent. So stop worrying about yourself and start worrying about what is best for your child. I can say one thing unequivocally, running around to every news organization you can find talking about how you want to return your child is NOT in the best interest of your child.

Now its time for you to do two things, be a parent and shut up.