You know that cute little store in the mall where kids can build cute little bears all their own? Well, they have a new feature this year. Its called “EcoNazi Indoctrination Through Fear and Threat Of Loss”

Build-A-Bear has this nice little video in which they scare kids into believing in Global Warming by threatening Christmas, Santa, and the North Pole.

This attempt at coercion and brainwashing is despicable. says boycott. I am not sure that is the answer. Instead, why don’t we all go in and build laughing polar bears with “Copenhagen 2009” t-shirts or maybe “Polar Bears Make Good Eats”

On second thought, why don’t you skip right past Build-A-Bear, go around Ben & Jerry’s, avoid the “American Girl” store, and go right to your SUV load up your six kids and go to Church. That’ll show ’em.