Shhhh. 300,000+ people chanted, yelled and sung their way into Washington D.C. but somehow snuck past the mainstream media without their notice. Congratulations to the ordinary ministers of the media!

Now, I could’ve missed it but after searching it seems to me that The New York Times completely ignored the throngs of people walking with signs towards the Capitol. I’m sure they would’ve been noticed if their signs mentioned Gitmo. MSNBC, according to their website, had no stories on the march. CBS News had nothing.

And even when some of the ordinary ministers of the media did notice, the results were comical.

Poor Rick Sanchez of CNN was confused. The poor dear couldn’t figure out who was marching in…THE MARCH FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanchez reported, according to Newsbusters:

“It’s the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade case….both sides being represented today, but it does appear to me, as I look at these signs that – which side is represented the most….Do we know?”

And yet the Washington Post, no friend of the pro-life movement, reported:

“Few counter-demonstrators were visible along the route.”

Were they at the same rally?

But Sanchez wasn’t alone.

While a recent survey revealed that 6 out of ten young people are pro-life Newsweek’s Krista Gesaman worried that the age of the pro-life marchers was so advanced she asked:

“Where are the young, vibrant women supporting their pro-life or pro-choice positions? Likely, they’re at home.”

Has she been to the March for Life? I’m always amazed as to how many young people there are there. According to reports 550 young students were there from Catholic University of America alone as well as 370 from Notre Dame. And dozens of other colleges were represented similarly.

The AP, according to Gateway Pundit, said the March for Life was only three blocks long even though Michael Novak watched the march and said he watched for nearly three hours as the march just kept streaming up the street.

But we’ve long since quit depending on the media to get our message out. Over 49,000 blogs wrote about the March for Life. EWTN and other Catholic media covered the march extensively. Lifesite and as always, do their admirable work.

So what I’m saying is that while some of us bloggers sometimes feel like our little blogs can’t change the world. I would argue that it may be the only thing that can.