A pro-life organization at a college in British Columbia may be silenced because it it’s point of view has been deemed offensive and controversial by others.

Since 2008 the University of Victoria’s Student Society Board has refused to grant club funding to the pro-life club Youth Protecting Youth. But a petition now being distributed around campus is now attempting to shut down the club completely.

According to Macleans on Campus:

The petition asks the UVSS clubs council to consider a motion calling for the suspension of the group for “their repeated offensive actions.” These offensive actions, as described in a letter preceding the petition, include: use of GAP (Genocide Awareness Project) materials on campus and hosting the controversial anti-abortion activist Stephanie Gray on campus, who participated in a debate with a philosophy professor. “This is hate speech that caused harm to many people on campus, including but not limited to many women on campus who have had abortions,” the letter reads. “The images and the captions on the posters harassed women and tried to make us feel guilty about a choice that we have a right to make.”

So now being made to feel guilty is “offensive?”

As of now, pro-aborts have the upper hand in the law so they’re attempting to outlaw any debate by insisting the law is settled; kind of like the science in global warming. How come nothing we like is ever settled? Like marriage being only between a man and a woman. It’s always the stuff they want that’s settled. The stuff we want is always up for discussion until they get some judge somewhere to side with them. And then it becomes instantaneously settled.

It’s clear that the new tactic to silence free speech is simply to call your opponent’s opinion “offensive” or “controversial.” Then comes the silencing.

Look at what many women’s organizations attempted to do to the Tim Tebow ad. Without having seen it, they called it “offensive” and “controversial” and then used the fact that they called it “offensive” as grounds for it to be taken off the air. Nice circular logic, eh?

Look what happened recently in a story we covered yesterday when a young girl was refused her chance to receive a proclamation from the floor of the Ohio State House congratulating her for a pro-life award she’d won. The pro-choice Speaker refused on the basis that the issue of abortion was just too controversial.

The ACLU even said:Ohio Life:

By declining to recognize Ms. Trisler’s achievement, Speaker Budish has created a troubling precedent that anyone who is deemed ‘controversial’ by House leadership will not be honored,” said ACLU of Ohio Executive Director Christine Link.”

But that is exactly the point.

Pro-choicers find our opinion to be offensive and we therefore must be silenced for fear that we may…unsettle things.

Well, if you ask me things in this country could use some serious unsettling.

Check out this news video as it has some interviews with people on campus which I find telling.

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