This is a surprisingly well-balanced profile of some nuns that are into freaky reiki. It gives a fair amount of air time to the teaching of the bishops on reiki. Watch the vid and then a few comments.

I liked this part in which the reiki witch tries to characterize those with common sense as having black/white rigidity and to be acting out of fear. She then offers the best and only defense of reiki in the whole piece. It means a lot to her.

LAWTON: The bishops’ document is not a mandate, and local dioceses may implement it as they choose. But Reiki supporters say it’s already had a chilling effect. Many Catholic institutions, including hospitals and retreat centers, are no longer offering Reiki, and most nuns are reluctant to speak publicly about their use of Reiki.

SCHMIDT: Some people, I think, find comfort in the perceived security of a black and white theology, and Reiki doesn’t fit within that black and white theology, and so in those kinds of situations there tends to be judgment, there tends to be fear, there tends to be reaction.

LAWTON: Schmidt says she’s sad the bishops would oppose something that has meant so much to her spiritually.

Too bad the instruction of the Bishops and the rest of your faith don’t mean as much.