Dr. Kermit Baron Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist, whose clinic was shut down after a drug investigation discovered “deplorable” conditions including blood on the floor and over a dozen fetuses in jars, is speaking out and insisting he’s a good person.

Cause, you know, that’s what good people do. Damage women, kill babies, and keep trophies.

In the video, Gosnell says he hasn’t heard of people dissatisfied with his work. What? The guy’s had two women die because of his botched abortions. And there’s been over 40 lawsuits against this guy, according to news reports.

I cringed when he says: “If you’re not making mistakes you’re not really attempting to do something.” Yeah, that’s a great mantra for a doctor. Gives great comfort.

Now, remind you he didn’t answer questions about why he was keeping babies in jars around the clinic or why there was blood all over the floor. He just wanted to let you know he’s a good person and he’s really enjoying his time off due to his suspension.

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