We would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to offer a word of thanks at the passing of a major milestone for this website. Sometime last night we had our 2 millionth unique visit. Thank you!

To date we have had 2,000,0000 unique visits with a total of 3,450,000 total page loads on the site. Our continued growth is as amazing as it is humbling. Our first million visits took over 2 years to accumulate while the second million took ten months.

Many people say it, but we really mean it. We appreciate you coming here every day. Matthew and I cannot really imagine how bored you must be that the inane drivel we post here offers some sort of respite. Never the less, we are grateful.

We also want to thank Denis McNamara for his wonderful and continued contributions here as well as our recent lineup of guest bloggers for all they have contributed. Thanks.

Our goal here at CMR is, as it has always been, to inform with laughter. There are very serious people out in the Catholic media ether. We are not them. Sure, we take some subjects very seriously but try never to take ourselves seriously.

Anyway, we hope you continue to like what we do and thanks for coming.

Matthew & Patrick