In what is the equivalent of “Get off my property. You’re not my friend anymore” President Obama is telling anyone who has the gall to vote against Obamacare that he won’t play with them anymore.

The Telegraph reports:

Barack Obama has said he will not campaign for any Democratic congressmen who fails to support health care reform.

Hmmm. Isn’t this a bit like Octomom threatening not to date you. Or your friends threatening to burn the video from your bachelor party.

Uhm. OK.

Let’s go over some of the name of candidates who Obama did come to town to campaign for:

Sen. R. Creigh Deeds – Trounced
Gov. John Corzine – Beaten. Bad.
Martha Coakley – Embarrassed

So I’m wondering if Obama’s threat is all that powerful. In fact, I’m wondering how many candidates are going to beg Obama to stay far far away from their home districts. Look, everyone knows Obama’s going to hurt the Democrats this November. It’s just a matter of limiting the hurt. So in the end his threat to stay away is more like Charlie Sheen promising not to foil up his knuckles before he marries your daughter. It’s a small gesture of kindness in a really bad situation.