I’m a political guy. I used to dig the chess match. The one upmanship. The battle. I made a decent living for a while playing the game. I used to care about politics 1) Because I was getting a paycheck and 2) Because I enjoyed the game.

But now I care for different reasons. I don’t enjoy the game like I used to. I view politics as a means to an end. I care about politics because I care about the fate of this country. I care about politics because I care about the unborn. I care about families and schools and defending ourselves from those who seek to do us harm.

And while I’m all for pro-life bills of any variety, this much ballyhooed bill which just passed the Senate in Georgia called The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act which would make it illegal to “solicit,” “coerce” or perform abortions “based in any way on account of the race, color, or sex of the unborn child or the race or color of either parent of that child seems a little too much like political one upmanship for my taste.

This legislation comes on the heels of the dozens of billboards linking race and abortions with messages saying things like “Black children are an endangered species.”

So pro-life legislators seem to capitalizing on the media hullabaloo concerning these billboards. But I’m not sure these laws would actually prevent even one abortion. Not one. Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics don’t follow the laws now. (See Lila Rose) Why would they follow new laws?

But I don’t think the purpose of this bill is to prevent abortions. It’s actual goal is to make super dupe awesome commercials that will make people, especially African Americans, wary of the Democratic Party. Fourteen legislators in the Georgia Senate voted against the bill. Can you imagine the commercials that the state GOP might run against them?

The screen will light up with pictures of the cutest African American babies you’ve ever seen. Like Emmanuel Lewis, Rodney Allen Rippy kinda’ cute. Then you insert the very relatable voice like Morgan Freeman or the dude who played “Roc” to say something like “Your Democrat Senator says he/she is for minorities but he/she voted for legalizing aborting babies just because they were black.”

And look, I’m all for great commercials, especially if they lead to defeating pro-choice legislators but at some point we’ve got to start making real laws that actually prevent the unborn from being killed. And when it’s come to saving the unborn we’ve had a lot more political games than we’ve had actual victories. I’m not saying I’m necessarily against this bill but at some point we’re gonna’ actually stop jockeying for position and just go actually win something for real, right? Lives are actually depending on it.