As if college tuition wasn’t expensive enough. Now if you want to send your child to an Ivy League university you might be footing the bill for this?

Daily Pennsylvanian reports:

In the next academic year, the Penn Student Insurance Plan will begin offering a new benefit for transgender students — it will cover the cost of the gender confirmation process, also known as gender reassignment or transition.

The benefit covers triadic treatment, the term used for the three-step process of gender confirmation. Triadic treatment consists of psychotherapy, estrogen or testosterone hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery, which involves the changing of genitals.

The benefit covers the costs of surgery for up to $50,000. According to a research report by the organization Transgender At Work, the cost of male-to-female surgery can average around $20,000.

The initiative was introduced by the previous Lambda Alliance board, chaired by College senior and Daily Pennsylvanian columnist Dennie Zastrow.

“A problem with LGBT advocacy at Penn in the past had been that we overlooked the needs of transgender students,” Zastrow said.

The problem is that transgender students and homosexuals have been overlooked on our college campuses? You can’t be serious.

What about covering all sorts and manner of vanity surgeries? Shouldn’t they be covered as well with that logic? Why cover a surgery because a man sees himself as a woman and not a woman who imagines herself as a buxom woman? Or hair plugs for men?

Where does the madness stop? Oh wait. It doesn’t.

Parents be very wary of where you send your kids to college.