Someone please explain this to me? I seriously don’t get it.

The AP reports:

A pregnant Pittsburgh woman is hospitalized after police say she may have shot herself in the stomach during an argument with her boyfriend.

Authorities say 26-year-old Nicole Lashuk suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen Tuesday evening at a home in the city’s Oakland neighborhood. Police say the bullet missed the fetus.

Police say Lashuk, who is seven months pregnant, had been arguing with her boyfriend, Sean Liddle.

Liddle says Lashuk loaded a handgun and pointed it at her head before pointing it at her abdomen. He says he was trying to take the gun from her when it fired.

Authorities say Lashuk could face charges if they determine she tried to harm the fetus.

How is this different from her walking into an abortion clinic?

Is it because the shooting attempt is so late term that she faces charges? Or are there laws against shooting babies as opposed to ripping them limb from limb? Or is it a medical licensing issue?

I mean seriously, I applaud charges being brought but I just don’t understand the logic of saying that it would be ok to kill the baby in some ways but not others. Or that only a doctor is allowed to kill the baby? What kind of mad world do we live in?

HT Jill Stanek