I’ve spoken to Patrick Coffin on his radio show and have exchanged emails. I’m used to funny Patrick Coffin, even smart Patrick Coffin (don’t tell him I said smart). But nothing prepared me for the story Patrick shared about his daughter Naomi Rose.

He writes on the occasion of his daughter’s fourth birthday:

Our daughter Naomi Rose would have turned four today. Her true Father had a much better plan, though, and so we turn to St. Naomi and ask for her intercessory firepower, for her sisters and her mommy and daddy who wait in joyful hope here below.

The story of how we said hello and good-bye to her — and how God pummeled us with His grace in those dark days — may be found here.

Saint Naomi Rose, ora pro nobis.

I urge you to go to Patrick’s website and then click over for the full story about Naomi Rose. It’ll knock your socks off. Oh, bring tissues.