On the list of bad ideas, this has got to be near the top of the list.

Hey, we’re doing away with standards in pretty much every facet of life, why not in school as well?

Aurelius at Pundit Press writes:

a school in Washington D.C. has decided to rid itself of failing grades.

Now, the 2,200 students at West Potomac High School are allowed to hand in papers whenever they wish and will not received a lower grade than others. In other words, if you turn in a paper two months late, you can still get an “A.”

Not only that, but even if you get every single question wrong on a test or a quiz, you still do not receive an F. In fact, you can take it as many times as you like so long as you don’t pass. If you get an A your tenth time, you get an A and only an A. Miss school? That’s okay, you do not have to answer for it because the school “understands” that being a kid is tough.

So let’s never mind all the wrong lessons this teaches the kids, just consider what this does to the college prospects of those kids who work hard ()or their grades. Think about it – any college that receives transcripts ()rom kids ()rom this high school will be tossed into the circular ()ile. Degrees ()rom that school will be essentially written on toilet paper.

By the school’s refusal to ()ail students, the school is ()ailing its students.