The Sun Herald reports:

A man accused of beating his ex-girlfriend to death with a stick Nov. 8 will be charged with the rare crime of murdering an unborn child, Harrison County prosecuting attorney Herman Cox said.

Taneka Johnson, 28, was five months’ pregnant when Kevin Crockett struck her 31 times with a stick wrapped with duct tape at her duplex on 50th Avenue, Cox said Wednesday after a preliminary hearing on the murder charge in Johnson’s death.

“I searched the law and found a change that makes it possible to charge him with the murder of a fetus,” Cox said. “The paperwork will be done first thing Thursday.”

A change in state law in 2004 broadened the definition of a fetus to “every stage of gestation from conception until live birth.” The penalty for killing an unborn child is up to 20 years.

Crockett is 42. He faces life in prison if found guilty of Johnson’s murder.

Assistant District Attorney Charlie Wood said the revised fetal-homicide charge has been used only a time or two on the Coast.

While I hope this man is put away for the remainder of his life, the thing that strikes me most about this is the inconsistency of the law and how blatantly unscientific our laws are.

If the baby’s mother decided to kill the baby it would be fine. If the mother decides to keep the baby they are human but if not, the baby is downgraded to a “choice.” Inconsistencies exist from state to state as well.

I’m thankful that the law in this case at least recognized that there were two victims of this man’s murderous rage. Shamefully, laws like this have been fought in other states because pro-aborts know that the unborn must not be afforded any humanty lest people start following the logic to its conclusion that the unborn are human and worthy of respect.