Indiana Governor Mitch “The Truce” Daniels will not get my vote for President. No way. No how. And I think most of you will agree.

Check out what he said today about pro-life legislation:

He told 6News in Indianapolis that conservatives in the state legislature can move forward with pro-life legislation so long as it doesn’t distract from the economic and education-related legislation he prefers to push.

“As long as it doesn’t get in the way of the really crucial (objectives) — keeping Indiana in the black, improving our economy and bringing big reform to things like education. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of that, there’s plenty of time and capacity,” Daniels said.

The really crucial issues? Seriously? LIFE doesn’t count as a crucial issue?

Is this guy trying to tick off social conservatives?

If you ask me, Daniels’ presidential run ended on this day. Here lies Mitch “The Truce” Daniels’ presidential aspirations, killed under the weight of his own words. The voters thought it crucial to keep him away from the Presidency.

Hot Air has the whole story.