I wonder what could be going on to make the Washington Post pay for a poll but then not to report on it. Hmmm…wonder what the results were.

Newsbusters reports:

A new ABC-Washington Post poll found ObamaCare sunk to its lowest popularity yet: 52 percent opposed, and only 43 percent in favor. ABC mentioned the poll without fanfare at the end of a Jake Tapper report on Monday’s World News, and Tapper added this was the health law’s “lowest level of popularity ever.” But Tuesday’s Washington Post reported not one sentence on the poll in the paper – even as they reported in the paper that the same survey found Obama’s tax-and-unemployment-compensation deal has “broad bipartisan support.”

This is the same Post that highlighted the news on Page One on October 20, 2009, when they found a “clear majority” in favor of a socialist “public option” — amid charges they oversampled Democrats.

You might remember all those polls they covered up that Bush’s popularity was cratering. You might remember them because THEY WERE ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!

These people are shameless. And it’s awful because these huge media companies are capable of so much good. And they often do good but they color so much of the news that they’ve become viewed as completely unreliable. I remember sitting at a meeting in a newspaper where I was working and the subject of bias came up. But it wasn’t brought up as a real concern, it was a punchline. I remember me and the one other in-the-closet conservative kind of looked at each other and rolled our eyes. The journalists and editors truly believed that impressionable conservatives had simply bought into a lie promulgated by their conservative overlords.

I’m sure the WaPo talked themselves into reasons why this poll wasn’t newsworthy but I’d bet they reached the conclusion not to publish and then worked backwards from there coming up with reasons not to publish.