Approximately 46% of abortions are performed on college-aged women, according to The Pregnant on Campus Initiative. Then why aren’t colleges more responsive to pregnant or parenting parents?

And though many of these colleges do just about everything they can to push sexual behavior including co-ed dorms and passing out condoms by the bucket full, they do not seem to make any accommodations whatsoever to help pregnant or parenting students. I’m sure that makes young women feel like there’s no way they could continue their education and push them towards abortion.

Colleges can and should do a lot better to help pregnant or parenting students.

The Pregnant on Campus Initiative by Students for Life took to a campus to highlight this wrong.

Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic college, recently created a dorm for pregnant women as an extension of their pro-life belief. I think it’s a wonderful idea and hope that many colleges and universities follow suit.