I know a guy who for many years was pro-choice. Well, he wasn’t really PRO-anything. Abortion kinda’ just got a shrug out of him and he bought into the whole, “Well, I’m a man so it’s not for me to make a decision” line of argument.

I knew him for many years and the topic wouldn’t come up all that often. But one time his wife, who is pro-choice, called me out in front of a whole group of people at a bar. She asked me how I could be anti-abortion. She called me out for being anti-woman.

She was a nurse and when I started to lay out my points she interrupted me and announced to the dozen or so people who were with us that it was “a match up between science and religion.” They joked that it was all the things you’re not supposed to talk about in public.

So I asked her if she believed that abortion was OK five minutes before birth. She said she didn’t. She said “that’s crazy.” I then walked her back through the days, weeks and months where she would consider abortion immoral until ultimately she realized that there was no way to stop me from walking her back to the moment of conception so she picked a random moment somewhere in the fourth month where it would be OK to abort because the baby had suddenly ceased to be human.

And, being kinda’ ticked off, I then asked her to defend this “magical moment” when all of a sudden-like this blob of tissue transmogrifies into a human. And truth be told I kinda’ mocked her and this “magical moment” (yeah, I used air quotes) that takes place somewhere in the fourth month. I then turned it around again and said that we agree that many abortions should be illegal. I, however, agree with science that the moment of conception creates a human being with their own DNA. She, however, believes in this “magical moment” when a blob becomes human.

She then said that she didn’t believe abortion was that bad because she believed that aborted babies got reincarnated. What?!

I was a bit of a jerk about it and needless to say, she hated me. And I’m pretty sure she still hates me. But an interesting thing happened. Her husband is now pro-life. Hardcore pro-life. And he says it was the argument I had with his wife that turned his head around. Not all at once but he said that’s what started him thinking.

But the reason I’m bringing this up is not to show what a jerk I am, it’s to highlight something my buddy said to me just two days ago. He blamed pro-lifers for not doing a better job getting the word out. He said that the facts are so clearly on our side and that it’s our fault that the entire country isn’t pro-life. I pointed out to him that his wife was still pro-choice despite many discussions they’ve had on the issue. I said that you can speak to everyone but nobody has to listen.

But it got me thinking. I’ll bet that years into the future when abortion is looked upon in the same way we look upon slavery now, many people will blame pro-lifers for not doing a better job convincing people.

And then I thought of our own culpability for sometimes staying silent. Pro-lifers should proudly speak to anyone and everyone about life issues. We should have bumper stickers ( I had one but it got keyed off over a year ago and I haven’t replaced it yet.) I know I can do more praying. I know I can do more. You never know if speaking out can change a heart which maybe can save a baby. Which maybe can save a soul. I shudder to think of the responsibility we have for staying silent.