I knew it! If there are plesiosaurs roaming lochs all over the place, this was bound to happen!!

The Kraken was (is?) real. I knew it. I mean, I didn’t know it, but I knew it. Know what I mean?

Evidence for the kraken and its gruesome attacks comes from markings on the bones of the remains of nine 45-foot (14 meter) ichthyosaurs of the species Shonisaurus popularis, which lived during the Triassic, a period that lasted from 248 million to 206 million years ago. The beasts were the Triassic version of today’s predatory giant squid-eating sperm whales.

We have extinct fish showing up in Africa, Japanese fishermen pulled up a plesiosaur carcass, we have chupacarbras practically all over the place.

It seems all the “old myths” turn out to be true. It is only a matter of time til they find this guy!

Ahhhhh! Too late!

Release the Kraken! Lock up Kenny Rogers.