A 19st rugby player suffered a stroke while training – and discovered when he woke up that he was gay.

Chris Birch, 26, had proposed to his girlfriend and worked in a bank when he suffered a freak accident in the gym.

The rugby-loving Welshman was trying to impress his friends with a back flip but broke his neck and suffered a stroke.

He was taken to the Royal Gwent hospital where his girlfriend and family waited for news – but said: ‘I was gay when I woke up…’

Chris retrained as a hairdresser and now lives with his partner Jack Powell, 19, above the salon in which he works.

The title of this post is shamelessly stolen from the hilarious Mark Steyn who says “So,whether or not you can “pray away the gay”, you can apparently stroke away the straight.”

I think he should go back to the hospital, something is still broken.