My four year old and I just voted. She actually pushed the button so she technically voted. (Is that legal?) And by the way, she voted pro-life. All the way.

We walked up to our voting place and I had a question about one candidate at the bottom of the ticket. So I asked the guy I assumed was a Republican committeman who was sitting outside handing out Republican pamphlets if a certain candidate was pro-life. I told him that I’d looked it up online and called the Republican headquarters but I didn’t get an answer. So I was asking him.

And he treated me to a look that pretty much said I was a looooooonatic. He explained to me, adopting a slow voice because I was obviously deranged, that it didn’t matter because office holders at that level don’t vote on that issue.

Oh, I said.

So I pretended to change the subject. I asked him about running for Congress. I told him I may want to run for Congress some day in the near future. I asked him should I just run for Congress right away?

No, he told me. The best thing to do is run for local township office, develop a fundraising base and gain committee support, and then run for state representative or something at the county level.

“So,” I reiterated, “running for lower office is the best way to have success eventually running for higher office?”

Yes, he said.

“That’s why it matters if these lower ticket candidates are pro-life,” I said. And I walked in. I nearly broke out in a touchdown dance on the way in but I held myself back because I’m cool like that.

So my four year old and I didn’t vote for anyone for that race. We skipped it.

Just so you know, the guy didn’t talk to us when we left. I blame the four year old. She’s the one who voted.