According to The Mirror, a man staying in a hotel room for the night decided he’d cheat on his wife and mother of his three children and hire a prostitute. So he called for a prostitute to come to his room. A bit later he got a knock on the door and excitedly went to answer the door, swung it open and there was…his daughter, the 20 year old prostitute! And then he collapsed. And the daughter ran away screaming.


That’s going to make for one awkward Thanksgiving dinner next year, huh?

But now he good news to show you that no matter how far down you swirl your life down the toilet, there’s always hope.

UPI reports:

“I am sorry for what I did,” Ncube said. “I spoke to my wife and daughter. I apologized for my actions as I just wanted my family back. My daughter has stopped doing what she was doing and is going back to school next year. My marital problems are not over, but we have a counselor who is helping us to get over this most difficult period.”

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