Rick Perry’s been accusing Romney of changing something in his book about Romneycare. Maybe he did or maybe he didn’t. I really don’t care. But in Saturday’s debate Romney got a little ticked about it and challenged Perry to a bet. What did he bet him?

$10,000 large.

Is that really what he wanted to do? Seriously?

It’s funny. I was saying to Pat just the other day that one amazing thing about Romney is that he doesn’t mess up verbally. The guy’s been campaigning for two years and there’s really no verbal flubs. I mean Bachmann and Cain and Perry have been flub machines. But Romney stays close to the script. He’s constantly on defense. Very few unforced errors.

And then on top of that there’s the whole thing about betting actually being illegal and all so there’s that. I mean, $10,000 isn’t exactly just filling out the ol’ NCAA brackets, is it? It’s $10,000.

And it really reinforces one of Romney’s main weaknesses (other than having no principles) and that is he just looks like a rich white Republican. Offering to bet Perry $10,000 doesn’t help.

The other thing it shows is that Mitt does not like to be questioned. When Bret Baeir of Fox News questioned Mitt on things he came off as really thin skinned. So I’d expect other candidates to really go out of their way to smack around Romney and see if he loses it. Personally, I’ll be glad to see it.