Well, this is just so stupid. A Cathedral in Italy has banned a traditional Nativity scene because it is distracting from the real meaning of Christmas, or something. Must get rid of those distracting old traditions, they are like way too obvious.

Andrea Tornielli (via Pewsitter) reports on the nonsense.

«The decision to abandon the historic Nativity scene of the Cathedral (…) is also an invitation to renew attention also on more obvious traditions, and to overcome what custom has led us to assume, to give up what appears to be necessary in order to focus on what is truly essential». This is what is written in the diocesan weekly of Rieti, in the article that «explains» to the faithful why this year there is no historical nativity scene in the Cathedral. And to think that Greccio, the place where St. Francis wanted to create the first nativity scene, is located in the diocese of Rieti,.
Away with the nativity scene, because the tradition is too obvious, give up what seems necessary to us, concentrate on what is essential … «A choice of sobriety».

We must get rid of old liberal priests, they are way too obvious. It is the sober thing to do.