Well, Obama’s always got the U.S. Catholic readers. Well, a majority of them anyway.

Here’s the question that U.S. Catholic posed and then the response:

7. I intend to vote for Barack Obama in the 2012 elections.

Yes 51%

No 38%

Undecided 11%

I’ve got to wonder, how could Catholics (any Catholics) go through these past three years with Obama’s assault on religious liberty and his radical pro-abortion actions and still vote for this guy? I honestly just don’t see it.

The guy isn’t just for tearing babies apart in the womb, he’s for refusing them treatment when they come out of the womb. And he’s not just for abortion, he’s for taxpayer funded abortion. He’s tried to stamp out religious liberty.

Hey, U.S. Catholic readers! Wake up!

The only good news is that I’d bet three years ago that number was a lot higher among U.S. Catholic readers. But we can’t have Catholics voting for Obama in mass again, can we? Tell me Obama’s not going to win the Catholic vote again. Someone? Please?