Oh boy. This is a tough one to get through.

A 12 year old kid was always a big fan of the Marines. Now, this kid, mind you, is tough. John Wayne tough. (And please don’t comment how the Duke was actually a big wussy please.) This kid fought off leukemia three times before he was twelve.

A group of Marines decided that the kid was the real deal, a true Marine. Go check out what happened next at Weasel Zippers. I could steal the whole story but then I’d feel bad later.

So go check out what happened. This is one of those moments that just kills me. You know, I can pretty much take any story about a calamity or evil in stride. That fits into my expectations maybe. Acts of kindness, love and respect just kill me. Beauty wrecks me. Maybe I’m getting old and soft.

Check it out here.