Only to a leftist is not giving someone your money an attack.

UK’s Daily Mail reports this story with some pretty loaded language.

The conservative group One Million Moms has launched an attack on JCPenney for featuring a lesbian couple in its new Mother’s Day promotion.

The group released a statement urging its members to take action against the brand’s store managers, in the hope their complaints will be passed on to head office.

According to its website, One Million Moms (OMM) is angry JCPenney is ‘taking sides’ in the ‘cultural war’ on gay rights.

JC Penney can do whatever they want and if enough people are upset about it and don’t want to buy from them anymore they may or may not change their policy. But not buying something from someone is hardly an “attack.”

They’re not throwing rocks through windows like the Occupy Wall Street thugs. They’re not going to buy something but somehow that’s labeled “an attack” by the left.

This fits in with how the left paints everyone on the right. If we want the federal government to stop handing over millions of our dollars to Planned Parenthood every year, we’re “attacking” Planned Parenthood.

When the Catholic Church says it doesn’t want to pay for someone’s abortion pill, that’s a “war on women.”

So let’s get this straight. Whenever people resists liberals getting other people’s money, it’s an attack.

Look, remember when Susan G. Komen didn’t want to pay protection money to Planned Parenthood anymore, it was called an attack. But when Planned Parenthood rallied the Democratic Party and the White House to announce that they wouldn’t be funding Komen anymore nobody said they were “attacking” Komen.

Look, if Michael Moore went on a diet I wouldn’t call it an attack on Wendy’s. It’s not an attack.

I do not want to pay for someone’s liberal agenda. It’s just not. I don’t go see George Clooney movies anymore. I don’t buy newspapers anymore. And I don’t donate to Komen. Why? Because I don’t want to. And that’s not an attack.