Harry Knox, Interim Executive Director of Integrity USA, the voice of LGBT Episcopalians and their allies, was the founding director of the Human Rights Campaign’s Religion and Faith Program and was appointed by President Obama to the President’s Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Yesterday, he wrote a piece for the Huffington Post that castigates Christians for being anti-abortion. His reasons for supporting abortion, to me, are just mind boggling.

The harsh and condemning judgments of some religious leaders are troubling. They suggest that abortion is morally wrong, while ignoring the fact that miscarriages and unwanted pregnancies are common.

Wait. What? Miscarriages are common so abortion’s OK? Does he know that everyone eventually dies? 100 percent of people die so why should it be a crime to kill someone? It’s the same logic, if by “logic” I mean asshattery.

And then he comes up with 6 reasons that Christians should support abortion.

1.Religions hold that all human life is sacred — and include the life of a woman as well as that of a potential child. This belief inspires many religious communities to work for a world in which women are healthy and every child is wanted, loved and cared for. Those religious communities support birth control, safe and legal abortion, and health care for all.

Huh? The fact that he calls the unborn baby a potential child already indicates that we’re not really reading from the same sheet of music.

Where in the Bible does it speak of “potential children.” But let’s forget religion for a second, let’s talk science. Scientifically speaking, what’s a “potential child?” You see, liberals came up with that moniker out of desperation. And guess when the “potential child” becomes an “actual child.” It’s whenever they damn well please. And not a second sooner.

You know the old saying that you can’t get “almost pregnant.” Well, according to pro-aborts, you can now.

2.Religions value the responsible and loving use of the gifts of sexuality and reproduction. The decision to become pregnant and have children is one of the most important we make as individuals and couples. We have a sacred responsibility to support the rights of women in this process because women have the responsibility of bearing children.

And there’s one pretty dependable way to avoid bearing children, isn’t there?

Knox talks about using the gift of sexuality in a responsible and loving way. Is it responsible and loving to have sex with someone I don’t particularly like all that much? Isn’t Church teaching saying that the gift of sexuality is to be used responsibly but when the Church says it, the Church means in a marriage while Knox means putting saran wrap on your junk or going halfsies on the abortion bill.

His reasons 3 and 4 are just too boring to go over. Essentially he’s saying that women should be able to do what they darn well please when they darn well please.

#5 is essentially just Knox saying that all the cool peeps are doing it so why shouldn’t everyone else. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? OK. For not believing me, here it is:

5.Reproductive rights are central to the lives of women and girls along with access to education, health care, equal opportunity and human rights. Women’s full participation in life and full expression of self requires that reproductive health care and options are available. This is especially true for women who are economically marginalized, who have unintended pregnancy rates that are four times as great as other women. In this country, half of all pregnancies are unintended and about half of those end in abortion. That means one in three women will have an abortion at some point in life. Use of birth control, which some opponents equate with abortion, is virtually universal. As many as 99% of women use it at some point. Access to safe, legal abortion and universal availability of birth control must be a basic part of a woman’s reproductive health care.

Pro-aborts don’t do right and wrong, they do polls. Instead of conscience they just kinda’ ask around. Instead of the Catechism, they refer to Gallup.

It’s true. You can’t argue anything with libs. You just get numbers thrown at you like 98 percent of Catholics use contraceptives!!! So?! So what?

6.We are a nation with a rich diversity of religious traditions. Decisions about birth control and abortion are medical decisions and are also decisions of conscience — what an individual believes is ethical. Since religions have varying views about reproductive rights, enshrining any one view into law restricts the ability of those who disagree to follow their own conscience and religious beliefs — thus denying them religious freedom.

That is, unless that law is forcing religious institutions to pay for your abortion pill. Then it’s OK.

This guy’s piece is just darn unimpressive. If this is the best they can do, I’ll ask once again the question that plagues me in the night –How are we losing to these guys?