This is unbelievable. I thought it was above the pay grade of the President to decide whether the unborn were to be considered human beings. Guess not, huh.

The Free Beacon reports:

The White House Visitors Office requires that an unborn child—still residing in utero—must be counted as a full human being when its parents register for a White House tour, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

White House Visitors Office director Ellie Schafer sent an email to a Capitol Hill staffer Tuesday morning explaining the process for registering an unborn fetus for a White House tour:

We have received a number of calls regarding how to enter security information for a baby that has not yet been born.

Crazy as it may sound, you MUST include the baby in the overall count of guests in the tour. It’s an easy process.

Cognitive dissonance.

Come on. Shouldn’t it be up to the mother of the blob of tissue to decide whether the thing in her belly is a human or not? Oppresive White House dictating to women! Let’s have a march or something.