I’m thinking President Obama ain’t gonna’ win West Virginia.

A prison inmate in Texas running against Obama in the Democrat primary won more than 40 percent of the vote. 42.73 percent of the vote to be exact.

Keith Judd is in the hoosegow for extortion and threats he made at the University of Mexico in 1999.

Now I found this on the Caucus blog of the NY Times but if this was George W. Bush who had just lost 40 percent of the vote to an inmate of an out of state prison that’d be on the front page and the lede of every television news report.

And these are Democrats!

The Caucus blog says that Judd won’t get any delegates at the Democratic National Convention mainly because nobody has volunteered to be one.

Well heck, I do. I’ll stand up for Judd. You guys should join me. Think about the fun we’d have at the Democratic convention. Who wants to make the Judd t-shirts?

Update: Pundette has more hilarious stuff on this story.