The Catholic New York state Senator James Alesi who announced last year that his priest “embraced” him at mass after he cast his vote for gay “marriage,” just made a new annnouncement. He won’t be seeking reelection this fall because he can’t win. Why? Because of his gay marriage vote.

(Oh and the priest who’d embraced him had already been excommunicated.)

Ken Lovett of the NY Daily News reports:

Sen. James Alesi (R-Rochester) told the Daily News Wednesday night that he believes his vote in favor of the landmark gay marriage legislation would have severely hampered his chances in a GOP primary this year.

He said the vote — which passed 33-29 due to the GOP defectors — cost him the support of the leadership of the local Republican and Conservative parties. They are now backing his primary opponent.

“I’ve gotten a lot of support from Democrats and the gay community, but unfortunately they can’t vote in a Republican primary,” said Alesi, now in his eighth term.

Let’s hope that Alesi isn’t the last politician to pay for their support of same sex “marriage.”