A Catholic parish in Massachusetts has become the target of threats of violence, and vandalism because of a sign posted on church property supporting the traditional definition of marriage, according to The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts.

The sign on the billboard of Saint Francis Xavier Parish in the town of Acushnet displayed a message reading “Two men are friends, not spouses.”

Insert firestorm here.

According to an interview by the local Fox affiliate, Steve Guillotte, the Director of Pastoral Services at the parish, said the church has received a number of menacing, obscenity laced phone calls, including one threatening to burn the church down.

Ah! Tolerance smells like burning churches. Somebody nailed the word “hate”
to the Church’s fence along with other…how shall we say…”hostile” signs and rainbow balloons were attached to it.

The Church did remove any mention of gay marriage from the sign as of this morning.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “At a time when homosexual pride parades monopolize public thoroughfares with police protection, it is now unsafe to post a message upholding traditional morality on private property. This event tells us all we need to know about the totalitarian instincts of organized homosexualism in America. What began as a so-called ‘gay rights’ movement, has become a neo-fascist enterprise dedicated to suppressing, harassing, censoring, silencing and punishing anyone supportive of biblical morality. Attorney General Martha Coakley and Bristol County District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter should investigate the threats against Saint Francis Xavier Parish for possible prosecution as hate crimes.”

Yeah, that ain’t gonna’ happen.

The sign was a bit too in-your-face for my taste but that doesn’t excuse the threats and vandalism. The left is very comfortable with bombastic language and saying nasty things about the Catholic Church.

This reminds me when I took the kids down to the Rally for Religious Freedom in Philly. Some hippie looking dude walked by us yelling about separation of Church and state. So the government can cross that line and tell religious institutions what to do, even force them to act against their religious beliefs but when we point out that the Constitution says they can’t do that, they yell about the separation of Church and state. Ridiculous.

And this isn’t the first case of threats and vandalism against Catholic Churches in recent history. I’m pretty sure we can expect more. And worse.