The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting some crazy scary news that hopefully may have some people questioning the intelligence behind killing an entire generation in the womb.

Some of our aging baby boomers may be delaying their retirement because of current economic conditions, but eventually they’ll step away. In fact, we expect 40 percent of the U.S. workforce to retire over the next five years.

Now, of course,the editorial doesn’t consider the fact that we’re going to have to support all those seniors but we’re missing 50 million people that could’ve helped us do so.

This sounds like a disaster in the making.

The generation that’s getting ready to retire is the generation that pushed Congress to massively increase benefits to retirees, for which younger generations will be forced to pick up the bill. And it’s the same older generation that allowed the legalization of abortion and killed a large percentage of the younger generation.

I don’t mean all of you obviously. But for those who cheered government mismanagement for years, thanks. Thanks a lot. For those who stood idly by as millions were killed in the womb, kudos to your apathy.

Happy Retirement!

I know the older generation is called “The Greatest Generation.” The following generations should be called “The Lesser Generation” to take note of the fact that so many of us never made it out of the womb.