It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!!!!

My goodness. If this isn’t a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is. Burger King has created THE BACON SUNDAE!!!

The AP reports that BK will launch the treat — which has fudge, caramel, crumbled bacon and a full piece of bacon — later this week, along with other limited time items.

It has 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar, but I’m thinking that if you’re eating a bacon sundae, that’s not going to mean a whole lot.

I’m wondering if Mayor Michael Bloomberg is creating legislation right now to outlaw this product. And I’m wondering if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is, right this very minute, ordering this at the drive-thru.

You’ve gotta’ appreciate Burger King’s move here. While McDonald’s is trying to cozy up to Michelle Obama by making their fries smaller and including apple slices in their Happy Meals, Burger King goes 180 degrees from that and starts throwing bacon into their ice cream.